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The BD800 is our newest and smartest bark collar. It offers unparalleled features packed in a waterproof and dustproof casing, made possible by the new magnetic charge point.

A built-in bark counter, so you can tell how often your dog barks while your away. 

A full-colour display so you can simply check settings or check up on the bark counter. 

A high-capacity 300mah built in battery for up to 150 days in standby (or about 2 weeks with general usage).


  • Flexible training: Set it to Beep + Vibration or Beep + Static Shock
  • Intelligent: Automatically increases to the appropriate level depending on dog's barking frequency (automatic mode) or set the level yourself on fixed mode.
  • Screen Lock: no accidental pressing of buttons while dog is wearing the collar
  • Bark Counter: B800 senses the dog’s bark, counts it and records them under the label ‘Warning’. This makes it easier to monitor your dog’s barking behaviour while you are away and whether it is improving with the current settings or if adjustments need to be made. This counter can be left to continuously count up to 999 barks or manually reset back to zero.
  • Smart Screen: B800 is the first bark collar to feature a large digital colour display. With all the settings displayed on the screen and only two buttons to worry about, it’s ease of use is unparalleled for such a sophisticated device. With just one look, you know what combinations of settings the collar is currently on at anytime, even while the dog is wearing the collar. The glass screen with Polystone is dust-proof and scratch resistant, registering a hardness level of 6.5 on the Mohs Scale.
  • Contact Points: It’s important for optimal performance that the contact points touch skin at all times. B800 makes this easy by including two sizes of steel contact points with matching conductive silicone covers for added comfort.
  • IP68 Waterproof: B800 can be safely submerged in water within 10 metres depth for up to 60 minutes. We recommend thoroughly rinsing the device under gentle tap water after swimming, especially in salt water, as build-up of residue may affect performance over time.
  • Internal Lithium Battery: Large capacity of 300MaH charges fully in 70 minutes. Expect a fully-charged device to last 5-7 days before going flat, based on average daily usage of 12 hours maximum. Standby time is 150days.
  • Magnetic Suction Charging: The charging cable snaps easily into place using an internal magnet. This also eliminates the risk of water potentially entering the device through the charging port.
  • Double-Trigger Identification: B800 needs both the sound of barking and vibration of the dog’s throat to set it off. External noise such as other dogs barking, thunder, and so on, will not trigger the device.
  • Easy Testing: Blowing air hard into the small sensor at the middle back of the device is an easy method to check if the collar is reacting to the the dog’s barking. Test that the static function is working by placing the side of the plastic tester on the contact points while blowing into the sensor hole. The plastic tester will light up when static is emitted.
  • Nylon Belt: Thick nylon belt with ABS plastic clips can be adjusted from 25cm to 65cm.
  • AntiBark Box: 5cm wide x 4cm height x 2.5cm depth
  • Digital Screen: 5cm wide x 4cm tall
  • Colour: Black
  • Origin: Designed in Europe/Made in China.