Bark Doctor PS2 Remote Dog Training Collar with Laser Light

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Bark Doctor PS2 Advanced Remote Training Collar 

Bark Doctor PS2 Remote Training Collar is a complete remote dog training collar system, suitable for beginner to advanced dog training. It offers a flexible range of training modes with a simple three-button remote interface: Static, Vibration, Sound.

The ergonomic remote design offers lots of convenience and valuable add-ons, including screen lock to avoid accidental pressing of training buttons, 500-metre remote range, 0-9 intensity level adjustment for sound/static/vibration, and bonus 1 milliwatt laser light feature. The remote can be paired with up to two receiver collars, which allows you to have two collars with distinct settings to suit each of your dog’s varying sensitivities.

The receiver is waterproof to IP67 standards (Note: Tested safe for swimming < 1-metre depth and <30-minute duration). The contact points encased in compound rubber for your dog’s maximum comfort. It can be fully charged in 2 hours using the supplied USB cable and AU adapter (or simply use your own phone charger for convenience). This rechargeable feature can save you the on-going costs of purchasing replacement batteries that may also be hard to find.

The sturdy compound rubber belt with buckle is detachable from the receiver, allowing you to replace the belt when it becomes worn out to continue using the functional receiver.



Simple, 3-button interface: More room for the buttons you use the most

500 Metre remote range (Note: open-field testing)

Ergonomic body: Easy to hold with wrist strap included

Advanced safety features: Screen lock/unlock safety switch on the side

Two-Dog Training: Pair two receivers with one remote; remembers the training levels you set for each channel

Sleep mode: Power-saving feature, quick to wake up within 1-2 seconds, no manual shutdown required

Laser Light (1 milliwatt): For interactive playing with pets and a variety of other uses

Indicator LED light: Flashes bright red when any of the training buttons are pressed while screen is unlocked

Completely rechargeable via USB port (micro USB cable and AU adapter included)

Large clip for secure mounting on pocket or belt.

Collar Receiver 

  • Fully waterproof receiver (Caution: avoid prolonged swimming over 30mins and diving to depths below 1 metre)
  • Indicator lights: “Run” blinks green when running with sufficient power or blinks red when battery needs charging (under 20% charge), Battery symbol lights red while charging
  • Built-in 1 cm compound rubber coated contact points are expandable using the supplied 1.5 cm expanders for thicker-haired dogs
  • UV Coated outer shell so it stays looking brand new for longer
  • Large power button and rubber covered micro-USB port (Warning: Keep the rubber cover sealed to keep collar waterproof)
  • Black compound rubber collar belt with strong buckle is adjustable from 12cm to 66cm.
  • Size: 6.75cm wide x 3.5cm tall x 3cm thick.
  • Contact prongs: 3.5cm apart