Bark Doctor TZ-915 Remote Control Dog Training Collar *TRAIN UP TO 4 DOGS*

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Bark Doctor TZ-915 Remote Control Dog Training Collar 

TZ-915 is our latest and most complete remote control dog training collar system. It gives you the option to train up to four dogs with one remote! It is very easy to operate using the light, ergonomically-designed remote control with large, digital colour screen. You can train your dog up to 600 metres away, the length of SIX footy fields.

You can train using a combination of audible Sound warning (adjustable from levels 1-9), Vibration and Static Shock (both adjustable between 1-99 level intensity). Professional dog trainers will tell you that if you have a large or stubborn dog, choose nothing less than a remote trainer that can give you up to level 99 intensity. This gives you a much wider range of intensity than ones that only offer 1-9.

The collar receiver is waterproof to IP7 standard (Note: Tested safe for swimming < 1-metre depth and <30-minute duration). Two lengths of contact points are provided with matching conductive silicone cover for added comfort. It also gives you the option to record the amount of times shock is used to help monitor training progress.

Both remote and collar receivers are rechargeable with the supplied USB cable and AU adapter (or simply use your own phone charger for convenience). 

A sturdy reflective TPU belt with buckle is provided with lots of holes to make it easy to fit on dogs of varying sizes, from toy terriers to German Shepherds. 



  • Digital colour screen and large buttons with matte finish
  • 600-metre remote range (Note: open-field testing)
  • Ergonomic body: Easy to hold with wrist strap included
  • Advanced safety features: Screen lock/unlock safety switch on the side
  • Four-Dog Training: Pair up to four receivers with one remote; remembers the training levels you set for each channel
  • Sleep mode: Power-saving feature, quick to wake up within 1-2 seconds, no manual shutdown required
  • Indicator LED light: Flashes bright red when any of the training buttons are pressed while screen is unlocked
  • Completely rechargeable via USB port (double USB charging cable and AU adapter included)
  • Size of remote: 13.5cm (height) x 4.5cm (width) x 1.5cm depth.

 Collar Receiver 

  • Fully waterproof receiver (Caution: avoid prolonged swimming over 30mins and diving to depths below 1 metre)
  • Digital screen to show record of number of times shock function is used
  • UV Coated outer shell so it stays looking brand new for longer
  • Size: 4cm (height) x 7cm (width) x 2.5cm (depth)
  • Large power button and shock counter reset button
  • Reflective TPU belt 72cm in length with holes throughout for easy fitting for all sized dogs.
  • Screw on metal contact points with matching conductive silicone covers.

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