Bark Doctor PB10 Complete Automatic Rechargeable Bark Collar

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Bark Doctor PB10 Automatic Bark Stopping Dog Collar 

Bark Doctor PB10 Automatic Bark Stopping Collar is the most complete antibark dog training collar. It uses a combination of Sound, Vibration and Static stimuli to train your dog to reduce nuisance barking. It can be adjusted to suit your dog's individual sensitivity, making this a safe and effective bark stopping collar for small to extra large dogs. 

The PB10 gives you the flexibility to choose the training combination that best suits your dog. You can choose to turn off Vibration and/or Static to let the collar use Sound stimulus alone to train your dog, which many dog owners choose to do at the beginning. If you find that this is not sufficient, you can start introducing vibration at increasing intensity, which many small to medium-sized dogs respond to very well. For larger or more stubborn dogs, you can use Static stimulation for more intense training. 

The PB10 is rainproof tested to IP65 standard (Note: Not safe for swimming) with a UV protected outer shell so it stays looking like new for longer. 

The 1mm long contact points are encased in compound rubber for your dog’s maximum comfort and can be expanded to 1.5mm for longer-haired dogs using the supplied compound rubber expanders.

The built-in lithium polymer battery can be fully charged in 2 hours using the supplied USB cable and AU adapter (or simply use your own phone charger for convenience). This rechargeable feature can save you the on-going costs and inconvenience of purchasing hard-to-find replacement batteries.

The compound rubber belt with buckle is durable, water resistant and detachable from the collar, allowing you to easily replace the belt when worn out to continue using the functional collar. Older model collars only use flimsy nylon belts that cannot be replaced once damaged.


Separate 0-9 intensity level adjustment for Vibration and Static training modes.

1-9 Sensitivity level adjustment for automatic bark sensor

IP65 Rainproof collar (Note: Not safe for swimming)

Digital Display: Convenient adjustment of Vibration, Static and Sensitivity levels

Indicator Lights: Distinct flashing light pattern for over 10% power, under 10% power and battery charging

Built-in 1cm compound rubber coated contact points are expandable using the supplied 1.5cm expanders for thicker-haired dogs

UV Coated outer shell so it stays looking brand new for longer

Large power button and rubber covered micro-USB port (Warning: Keep the rubber cover sealed to keep collar rainproof)

Detachable compound rubber collar belt with strong buckle is adjustable from 12cm to 66cm.


1 x PB10 Bark Stop Collar (Black)

1 x Compound Rubber Belt

2 x Contact Point expanders

1 x micro USB cable

1 x Tester

1 x Storage Box