T400 Remote Training Citronella Spray Collar + AutoBark

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The T400 is the first Remote Training Dog Collar with Automatic Bark Control function that uses harmless and environmentally-friendly Citronella Spray. Not only does T400 automatically correct your dog’s excessive barking while you’re away, you have the flexibility to correct other undesirable behaviours, such as digging, jumping, fighting, and more using the compact remote control with a range of 80metres. This makes the T400 one of the most advanced Citronella Spray Dog trainer available.

The T400’s 2019 revolutionary design offers:

  • Dog training by remote control mode;
  • Automatic bark detection and correction mode;
  • Both modes use controlled emission of harmless citronella lemon essential oil;
  • Adjustable belt from 35cm to 53cm;
  • Remote can be paired with two collars - train up to two dogs with one remote.

Main features:

The remote control transmitter is flexible and compact, easy to use and covers a distance of 80 metres.

The collar receiver is IPX3 waterproof - safe to use on rainy days.

Remote control mode: Each remote can be paired with two collars, allowing you to train up to two dogs with one remote. Simply switch between Channels 1 and 2 to select which dog to remote train. Spray volume and sound volume are both adjustable. Remote requires a 12v battery (included)

Automatic mode: The collar can be switched to automatic mode by detecting the dog’s barking and automatically spraying citronella to stop barking. Spray volume can be adjusted. The collar is triggered by throat vibration so outside noise will not trigger the collar.

Warning sound: collar gives the flexibility to use sound training in addition to the spray feature.

Spraying liquid: Made of natural essential oils, containing no CFC ingredients. It is environmentally friendly and safe for humans and pets.

Large capacity: the device can hold a large quantity of liquid and can be sprayed 44 times on a single load. One bottle of oil can replenish the collar to full capacity 12 times.

Rechargeable: Collar has a built-in lithium battery, thus needing no battery replacement. A single charge can last up to 2 weeks, depending on how often the collar is triggered.

The T400 is a must-have for dog owners wanting a safe, reliable and flexible dog training and anti bark remote training collar. Be the first in Australia to own one.

Package includes:

Single Dog Option

1 x Spray Collar

1 x Citronella Spray Refill 85g

1 x USB charging cable


Two Dog Option

2 x Spray Collars

1 x Citronella Spray Refill 85g

2 x USB charging cables.