Mighty 3.0 Mini Bark Stop Collar *Perfect fit for Chihuahuas* 2-25kg dogs

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The Bark Doctor Mighty 3.0 Mini Bark Collar is the next generation bark control collar specially designed for miniature dogs. The new design has the addition of a sensor hole to enhance the collar’s ability to detect the dog’s barking. The revolutionary contact jaw is therefore more sensitive to ensure no bark is missed.

The Mighty 3.0 uses absolutely no shock, just sound and vibration powered by a nifty internal microprocessor. All these clever technologies are encased in the compact and durable collar that comes in lovely colours. If you’ve been struggling to find an effective, safe and affordable bark stop collar for your chihuahua, toy poodle, mini foxy or any other extra small breeds, then the Mighty 3.0 Mini Bark Collar is for you.


1. Easy to use and test. The new sensor hole activates the collar by more sensitively capturing throat vibration when dog barks. You can test it yourself by simply blowing air into the sensor hole.

2. Trains dog not punishes. Collar emits a warning sound during the first two barks. When barking continues, it emits a combination of Sound + Vibration from the third to seventh bark. The vibration time increases the more successive times the collar is triggered.

4. Auto protect for enhanced safety. Enters into one-minute auto-protection mode after being triggered seven times continuously.

5. Press + - button to adjust the 7 sensitivity levels.

6. You know it's working when the indicator light is on.

7. Most effective on dogs from 2 to 25kgs. (4.5lbs-50lbs).

8. Enhanced night time safety with a high quality 1.5cm wide Black Polyester Belt with 2 reflective strips, adjustable from 15cm to 50cm.

9. Small size to fit breeds from Chihuahuas to Terriers and Dachshunds: 3cm height x 2cm depth x 4cm wide.


1 x Collar

1 x Belt

1 x DC USB Charging Cable

1 x English Manual